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Enjoy breathtaking views, unmatched anywhere else in the world. Our hotels and houseboats are located on some of the most pristine locations of Kashmir.

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Climate in Kashmir Climate in Kashmir is delightfully pleasant. The place has a severe winter, moderate summer and pleasant spring and winter. Kashmir has probably the best climate of the state. Its weather is largely regulated by the Himalayas, surrounding mountains and the water bodies. It has four clearly demarcated seasons with distinct features. Each season is moderate and beautiful. The temperature in winters may go down to -15°C in the hilly areas, while as the plains have a comparatively better temperature at -5 to -8°C. The local people wear woollen cloths and a long gown known as Pheranto save them from the chill. They also use a portable fire pot, Kangrito keep warm. The month of July is the hottest month with the temperature going up to just above 30°C in the plains, while the upper reaches remain comparatively cooler? From the heat in the plains, Chinar trees come to the rescue. These huge giant-size trees give a wonderful cool shade in the hottest part of summer, so much that you occasionally get chills under them. Autumn and spring have warm days and cool nights. The valley receives rains during the spring season.

The altitude increases abruptly in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The altitude determines the temperature and climate in the region and is responsible for rain and snowfall. The climate of region is peculiar. Winter here can be severely cold with heavy rain and snowfall. Spring also brings heavy rainfall, which is ideal for agriculture.

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